The Central Nervous System of Urban Float – The Pump Room

Why float with Urban Float?

Urban Float Pump Room

Our stores are built from the inside-out to create the most relaxing float experience, every single time.

Floating is better with fewer distractions and we’ve designed our stores with a ‘central nervous system’ that reduces ambient noise, including a meticulously crafted pump room engineered to enhance your float experience.

Urban Float Pump Room
  • Cleaner.  With our pumps in one-room we have access to our equipment all day long. This allows us to consistently clean our filters & maintain our cleaning systems so our pods are have pristinely clean water, every time you float.

  • Quieter.  walls have sound-dampening construction to minimize noise. You can be assured that you can manage your float-environment the way you want it.

  • Uncluttered.  Without an engine in the float pod room, all you experience is the pod, shower, and a place for you to prepare and dress -- so your environment feels open and peaceful.

Urban Float Pump Room

Want to learn more about water quality and how we clean the pods? Read up on our water-quality article here or download our 15 Free Facts about Floating at Urban Float.