It started with a note...

In 2011, would-be Co-Founder Joe Beaudry was looking for a better way to manage stress and improve performance while climbing the corporate ladder.  He stumbled upon floating, but the only available location was at a stranger’s rental house, without any furniture.  Despite the unusual conditions, Joe was hooked on the positive experience and set him on a course to develop a professional floating solution.

In 2012 Joe approached serial entrepreneur and CEO, Scott Swerland, looking for a partner to help operationalize and scale the solution. While on vacation, Scott and his family tried it and for four days following their first ever float, life-long pains like arthritis had gone away.  As a retailer, Scott is laser focused on the executional details and saw a clear disconnect between what existing operators build, vs what the floating experience could be.  And in 2013, the very first Urban Float in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood opened and began changing and elevating the floating industry.


Thank you.

Scott Swerland
Joe Beaudry