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Renew your body. Escape gravity, loosen up, balance your system; eliminate stress, anxiety & fatigue.

Refresh your mind. Relax deeply, melt away stress, renew creativity, explore, problem solve, or simply be at peace.

Revive your senses. Unplug, take a break, gain clarity, get a fresh perspective.


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Ben Reebs
Ben Reebs

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I'm a relatively new member at Urban Float, and I'm a huge fan. Owner Marilyn Olmsted and her staff are friendly and awesome, and it just feels good to be in the vicinity. I love the 1 hr float window, with option for longer floats. I love the state-of-the-art I-sopod tanks. The benefits of floating are too numerous to recount. A few chief benefits are improved sleep, need for less sleep, improved memory and short-term recall, reduced stress, better skin tone, and increased energy. I could not recommend floating more highly if you're seeking any of the benefits I just mentioned. Also, Urban Float has an amazing membership program which allows you to float daily for only $140, an unheard of value.

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real customers, real reviews
Urban Float
Urban Float Urban Float 38 reviews Urban Float on Yelp
Deena R.'s Review Deena R.
4 Stars

I decided to give floating a try and walked in to learn more. The space was modern and clean. The front desk staff were pleasant and they offer a special...

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