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Renew your body. Escape gravity, loosen up, balance your system; eliminate stress, anxiety & fatigue.


Refresh your mind. Relax deeply, melt away stress, renew creativity, explore, problem solve, or simply be at peace.


Revive your senses. Unplug, take a break, gain clarity, get a fresh perspective.


Mental & physical benefits of float tanks include:

  • Alleviates effects of stress
  • Improves creativity
  • Improves concentration & problem solving
  • Alleviates sleeping problems & chronic fatigue
  • Improves memory & learning

  • Alleviates inflammation of joints, back pain, & neck stiffness
  • Improves performance & fitness
  • Detoxifies joints & loosens muscles
  • Helps regeneration from sporting injuries
  • Smooths & refreshes the skin

Here is what people are saying about floating

user Joe:
After floating one time, Joe said - "I had no idea what true relaxation was until now. I haven't felt this calm and stress-free since I was a child."

user Jay:
Jay had this to say after floating in the pod - “First float - Wonderful - came out and felt like I had been on the moon - I'm telling everyone”

user Caroline:
After float session in this unique pod, Caroline said - “I feel alive again, thank you”

user Annie:
Annie said - "Over the last 25 years I have exhausted numerous addictions and relationships in pursuit of the very sensation — or state of being actually — that the floatation tank gave me in one hour. No drug-induced euphoria, no sexual or romantic high, no nicotine or food fix, nor any spiritual venture ever brought me as close to my desired destination as the float tank did. This illusively defined 'destination' became much clearer to me after floating in the tank. It's a truly remarkable and freeing experience.

Joe Rogan"The most important tool I have ever used for developing my mind"
- Joe Rogan

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