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Renew your body. Escape gravity, loosen up, balance your system; eliminate stress, anxiety & fatigue.

Refresh your mind. Relax deeply, melt away stress, renew creativity, explore, problem solve, or simply be at peace.

Revive your senses. Unplug, take a break, gain clarity, get a fresh perspective.


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Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen

3 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

It's a tough sell, this place. It's not for the light walleted and it's definitely a luxurious novelty more than anything else. And though I believe this is something you have to do multiple times to actually get the true experience of what Urban Float offers. However because of the price per visit, my wallet can't handle the chance that it may or may not work.

The facility and staff is very nice. They will answer any and all questions, walk you through the facility for you to check every thing out if you'd like and answer more questions (strange ones too haha) and they do it with a smile.
I recently visited and had my first Urban Float experience with a couple of friends and though none of the other three were remotely impressed - myself was skeptical but I can see where the benefits may exist.
First of all - if you're claustrophobic, have a strong sense of smell, restless, a mind wanderer - then this place isn't really for you. Getting inside the big time machine like tub isn't daunting - there's such an abundance of salt in the water so it really keeps you buoyant. But the smell of chlorine is rather strong. Keep the lid slightly open creates a cold draft so it's not as comfortable when laying in the warm water. My biggest gripe is moreso a self issue of not being able to relax. The first 20 minutes your mind is going 100 miles per hour. So you can't really relax and just breath. I spent another 20 minutes trying to stay still in one spot but the slightest movement caused me to float one way or another hitting my head or arm or legs on the walls of the float. At the very end I was able to finally ease and calm my mind, my breathing. It was a moment of serenity and deep meditation. Then a few minutes in I must have knocked the floating noodle down because it brushed against my arm and I freaked out - when your in complete darkness and floating with no sounds, you don't anticipate being touched. So i jumped up and didn't realize that I have flipped around some how and couldn't open the hatch - causing a bit of panic and i started to breath in hot chlorinated air. During this moment of panic I managed to splash so salt water in my eyes and it burned pretty bad.

First experience not the greatest - I can tell by the last few minutes of my actual relaxation, that there is some benefit to this. But for the money that it costs - I cannot justify the "benefit" as my wallet cannot handle it. I'd much rather pay for actual massages.

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Urban Float
Urban Float Urban Float 35 reviews Urban Float on Yelp
Jessica S.'s Review Jessica S.
4 Stars

I received a session here as a birthday gift from my daughter. It isn't something I would ever have chosen for myself, primarily because I have some...

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