Can you float in your bathtub?


We see this tongue in cheek question on social media often enough that we thought it might be time to formally address it.

If you are no more than 3 feet tall, weigh in at about 40lbs, and have water wings on all your limbs, you might be able to achieve a float-like experience – but we can assure you it will be nothing like the floatation therapy service provided by Urban Float.  Besides, we’re willing to bet most of you reading this are taller than 3 feet, likely weigh a little more than 40lbs, and probably have, at most, 2 water wings floating around your home.

The most common misconception for customers with this question is that soaking in Epsom salts in a bathtub is equal to floating in a float pod. While you can certainly enjoy the benefits of a good Epsom Salt soak at home, you most likely wont be able to float at home.  And here’s why…

At Urban Float, we use large quantities of medical grade ultra-pure Epsom Salt dissolved in purified, and continuously filtered, water to give you the buoyancy needed to float on top of the water like a cork.  With over 1,200 lbs. of Epsom Salt per pod, you can’t help but float on the surface – much like you would at the Dead Sea.  The water is heated to a perfect 93.5 degrees (skin temperature) so after a while you stop noticing where your body ends and the water begins.  Not only do we have a truckload of Epsom Salt in perfectly heated water, but our float pods also provide a very large surface area to float on – even the largest person can float without touching the walls!

In addition to the very unique water solution, at Urban Float you will find a private room that offers light and sound controlled environment to allow for a distraction free float – which is essential to achieving the desired result of total, uncompromised, smile inducing, unheard of, never felt before… relaxation.

Stop spending your money on salts you can only use once and then down the drain they go.  Visit Urban Float and take advantage of a floatation therapy experience like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.