Urban Float co-founders present their flotation therapy chain to 'Shark Tank'

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The owners of Urban Float, a flotation therapy stress-reliever spa chain, will appear on ABC’s hit show "Shark Tank" on March 17.

Urban Float Chief Operating Officer Joe Beaudryand CEO Scott Swerland will appear together on "Shark Tank" to try to expand their franchise business.

They own four corporate Urban Float stores in the Puget Sound region — in Kirkland, Renton and two in Seattle — which brought in about $2 million in sales in 2018. Swerland said they also have sold 30 franchises. Seven of those are open, including locations in Tacoma and Vancouver.

Their existing float outlets are open 15 hours a day and frequently booked out.

In 2017, Swerland told Entrepreneur Magazine who books these float sessions.

“We have CEOs and tech guys from Amazon and Microsoft who want to relax and think. We had a guy running a huge construction company coming in twice a day for a while. It was the only time he could unplug from his cell phone, employees, kids and Facebook. He said he’d been sleeping only four hours a night, but after floating he could sleep six or seven.”

While Beaudry and Swerland are mum on any outcomes of their appearance and experience on "Shark Tank," Swerland’s Facebook page has three pictures taken from the show.

"Shark Tank" chooses from 45,000 applications a year.

“This was one of the coolest things I’ve done as a business leader in my life,” Swerland said.