Announcing Corporate Memberships


Floating is a great way to take a time out and give your body and mind a chance to let go of stress, tension, pain and completely reset. Many of our regular clients as professionals looking for a way to manage stress, perform at a higher level, and reach the next level in their career. Floating is a great way for your employees to cut out the noise, focus on solving business problems, or just simply being more creative in the work they do.

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When your employees step into an I-Sopod, the distractions of the outside world are eliminated – no sounds, no light, just total focus and clarity. This type of sensory reduction provides employees with a distraction free setting to internally tackle whatever challenges they are facing in life or work – ultimately creating a better more productive employee for you!


Liz S., a Human Resources Manager based out of Bellevue, WA says “Our employees work very hard and we like to provide them with the best wellness options available. Our employees who take advantage of this great benefit appear to be able to handle would-be stressful situations with ease. Their happy, more productive, and we love it!”

Urban Float is excited to offer three levels of corporate memberships:

Of course we cater to businesses of all sizes. If you need a larger package for more employees, please contact us and we’ll have happy to provide a quote.


Renew your body. Refresh your mind. Revive your senses. Live (and work!) at your PEAK!

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