7 Floats for 7 Days for $7!

Experience Relaxing HydroTherapy at Urban Float!

You’ll never experience anything quite like a HydroTherapy float session at Urban Float! Now offering 7 floats in 7 days for only $7!

Many of you might be asking why so cheap and so many floats? We realize that floating is an experience that might not click after the first try. Give us and more importantly yourself a chance to let floating better your life. Give yourself 60 minutes and watch as the world around begins to change!

  • 7-float package expires 7 days after first use.
  • 1 package per customer only.
  • Promo ends 2/28/17.
  • Appointments subject to availability.
  • Valid at any Puget Sound Urban Float location.
  • No show will result in $45 fee if cancelled without 12-hour notice.

We are currently sold out on this promotion. Please check back.


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