At Urban Float we offer a wide variety of products to customize your experience. Below you will find some of the complimentary in-spa items we stock in each location. 

Complimentary products include: standard ear plugs, petroleum jelly, water and tea
Each float room includes: body and face towels, vinegar, shampoo, conditioner and body wash
Restrooms include: blow dryer, ear cotton swabs, scent-free moisturizing lotion

Urban Float waterproof ear buds

Urban Float Waterproof Headphones

Looking to enhance your float experience or dive into guided meditation? Then our affordable waterproof ear buds are perfect for you. Simply download your favorite music, guided meditation or other audio tracks, set your device to airplane mode and enter the pod!

Price: $20

Upgradeable Ear Plugs

We offer two sets of upgradeable ear plugs and both are reusable! 

Standard Wax - These are low-cost upgrades that fit better in your ear than our complimentary foam plugs. Price: $2

Mack's Purple Aqua Block - Comfortable for both adult's and children that block out water (Two Pair).  Price: $6.39

Mack's upgradeable ear plugs

Magsoothium CBD cream


3oz Magsoothium cream is perfect for sore muscles and inflammation. The long last formula is ideal for on-the-go or bedtime use and helps rejuvenate dry and cracked skin. All-natural and Made in the USA.

Also available in cream or spray and CBD formula at select locations.

3oz Cream $22.95 | 3oz Spray $24.95 | 3oz CBD Cream $34.95

Swim / Hair Caps

Do you have color treated hair or don't like it when your hair is floating around? We suggest a silicone swim cap. Please note that this swim cap does not keep your hair dry and while it protects color-treated hair, Urban Float can't be held responsible for color damage. Price: $7.31

Sporti Swim Cap


Every location offers a variety of consumable items such a snacks, beverages and other items. Please contact your location to see what they have available!