Below you will find information on membership plans and/or float pricing that is no longer active. If you have any questions on your membership or pricing. Please contact us.


This is where it gets really good! Our memberships offer the largest discounts possible for those who want to float on a regular basis. As a member at Urban Float you not only get our best pricing, you also gain access to our rewards system where you can earn free floats. As with most anything, the more you float, the better you get at it. For those looking to maximize their benefits from floating and reach their peak, we offer monthly membership packages.Memberships can be cancelled at any time after 30 days and with 30 days notice. Floats accrued never expire, even when you cancel.

1-Float Membership

$49 / month** (additional floats are $49)

2-Float Membership

$90 / month** (additional floats are $45)

4-Float Membership

$160 / month** (additional floats are $40)

8-Float Membership

$240 / month** (additional floats are $35)

** Our monthly memberships are the best deal around for those who want to get the most from floating. You can start or stop your membership at anytime – no long term commitments here! There are many benefits to being an Urban Float member – discounted pricing on all floats beyond those included in your membership level, earn points for every float or purchase made at any Urban Float location, and more!