Loyalty Rewards

All monthly float membership members get to enjoy rewards on using our service and buying our products! Contact us with any questions you might have regarding our rewards program.


Points for Actions – How it works - How to Use

Pre-Book at Checkout

For existing members that have already floated booking their next appointment during checkout. Members will receive 50 points.

Book Online

When you book a reservation using our online booking system on UrbanFloat.com. Members will receive 25 points.

Create Account Online

When you create an account on our online booking system on UrbanFloat.com. Members will receive 50 points.

Customer Referrals

For each customer you refer to Urban Float, Members will receive 200 points.

Points for Purchases – How it works

Gift Card

When you purchase a gift card in store, Members will receive 2 points for every $1 spent!


When you purchase a membership, you automatically get points! Applicable to members only, receive 1 point for every $1 spent!

Any Retail Purchase

When you buy anything from Urban Float, regardless if it ear plugs, swim caps or salts, you will receive 1 point for every $1 you spend!

How to use Points

1 point = $.04 cents | 25 points = $1.00

As a member, accumulating points is a great way to buy in-store product and additional floats for your account. Below is a list of items and their point total cost for reference. * These prices do not include taxes where applicable, items vary by location.

  • 1 Float (Full Retail Value) - $90 - 2250 points

  • 3-Float Package - $180 - 4500 points

  • Extended Float Session - $25-35 (depends on membership) 625-875 points