6 Reasons Why You Should Escape Into Nothing

Looking for a reason on why you should try floating at Urban Float? Read below for six reasons on why you schedule today!



Have you ever had a massage, sitting there on a table trying to relax as someone (who in most instances you don’t know) attempts to make you feel better? Massages are great and extremely therapeutic, but they do not allow you to disconnect.

One of the biggest benefits to floating in an isolation pod is being able to completely disconnect and achieve that deep relaxation the body desperately desires. When you step into a float pod, you’re immersing your body in skin temperature epsom salt saturated water. In a nut shell, after 20 minutes of letting your body and mind calm down, you begin to unwind and completely relax.



The world is loud, and we mean that in both the sound and visual sense of the word. The term REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) might not sound like the most ideal form of treatment, but believe it or not, it works and is great for you!

When you step into an Urban Float I-Sopod, you can completely tune out the world. It sounds different, but escaping into nothing is exactly what your mind wants. Once you deprive your senses, your mind can begin to relax and focus its efforts on the body. For those that don’t want to be completely shut off, ambient light and/or music is available.



The only time your mind gets to rest is when you’re asleep, but sleep is very much required for our bodies to continue operation. When you float, you’re taking your mind to a place in which it can recharge itself and give you the same benefits of sleep while resetting your mind. In what we call the Beta state, gentle waves of relaxation ingulf your body, you’re not quite asleep but in a meditation like state as your body and mind disconnect. Weightlessness triggers parts of your brain that will allow you to completely relax and allow creative forms of energy pass through you giving you a sense of relief.



Regardless of what you do for a living, your body is constantly taking an impact from day to day activities. With over 1200lbs of epsom salt per pod, you’re no longer fighting gravity. When you lay down, your entire body is instantly buoyant which releases the stress on your joints and muscles.

Floating is especially great for athletes as these studies have shown that floating relaxes the muscles allowing for lactic acid, cortisone and adrenalin build up to flow and dissipate faster. Floating also releases natural endorphins, otherwise known as natural pain killers.



Your skin is somewhat of a sponge and floating in clean, filtered, epsom salt water is an additional benefit to floating. Epsom salt, a mineral compound of magnesium sulfate is also deficient in the average diet.

Allowing your skin to soak in all this goodness improves natural enzyme activity that helps reduce inflammation as well as prevent cardiovascular disease. Soak in these important nutrients, flush out toxins and ease migraines, headaches and other body ailments.



Laughing, working out and floating all share something similar, endorphins. Floating leads to feelings of euphoria and can do wonders for the rest of your body and immune system.

Just like working out, floating regularly can train your brain release endorphins on a more regular and consistent basis which of course leaves you feeling happy, relaxed and ready to take on or end the day.

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